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For Crochet with a pinch of fun!

We put the Crotch in Crochet... oh, wait.

Crotcheters - for crochet with humor!
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All Members , Moderated
This Comm is New and In Development. Please comment to the first post, which you can find in the memories section, on the community with any ideas for the community, and we thank you for your patience and contribution!!

Here's a community for any type of crocheter. Things here are supposed to be easy going, so have a sense of humor, though if you got past the name, I think you already do.

Try not to go too off topic. Debate is Great! but Flame Wars just aren't that fun. Use your common sense and logic. Not everyone here is gonna be June Cleaver, and most of us should be able to control ourselves to somewhat minimal bitchiness; there's no reason to bash anyone's work, but nobody should cry and whine over simple criticisms. All ages, sexes and genders, colors, and levels of experience welcome, though it is assumed that all members here are adult enough to handle whatever may come up, and to remember that not everyone is as open or closed minded as they are. Whether you free-form or follow patterns, make doilies or dildo cozies, use little hooks or the famed magical q-hook of innuendo, you should be able to find a niche here.

Rules, please check back here for adaptations:
Be an adult, even if you aren't an adult. That being said, don't forget that this is supposed to be fun.
All pics behind a cut. Use sense in labeling said cuts.
Click links at your own risk. Duh.
No Flaming. Flamers definitely okay.
Stay on topic for Crochet/Hooking (occasional knitting, dyeing, and fiber arts crossovers allowed).
No hurty-eyes fonts, colors, or uber-long posts (cut where necessary).
No posting copyright patterns. It's seriously for your own good.
If you don't want your projects criticized, specify that in your post. Otherwise, this is a public forum, and people undoubtably are going to have opinions.
TAG your posts! Specific categories coming soon.
Only advertise crochet related communities.
No 'OMGSOMUCHDRAMAI'MLEAVING' posts. I'll delete them, because, well, they're off topic. Meh.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of specialized crochet communities, like basic_crochet, art_crochet, crochet_porn, crochet_snark, polite_crochet, a_twistedstitch, et cetera. Join as fits you.

This community will be moderated, but not policed. There will be specific mods for certain duties. For now, see ladyceleste/letmebeyoursong for general issues, rozeecheeks for rule concerns, and arcangelmadder for tags/organization and layout questions.

This is kind of an experiment in the wake of the deletion of crochet, to see membership numbers as well as what crotcheters want in their communities. Join up and have fun with crochet again.