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That's MISS Raging Bitch to you [userpic]
by That's MISS Raging Bitch to you (miss_tish)
at December 20th, 2007 (01:13 pm)

(I can't seem to post to crochetcrochet.... hopefully someone here can help me with this question)

I have a pattern with some obscure instructions. I'm hoping I can get some opinions here.

In the first row there are a series of shell stitches and "V-stitches". According to the pattern, the V-stitch is made as follows: 1dc, ch 1, 1dc (all in the same stitch). Simple enough.

The remaining row instructions are what's throwing me. Again, it's a series of shell and v-stitches. However, the instructions say, "Shell in ch-2 sp of next shell. Ch1. V-st in next V-st." Say what now? From what I can tell, I've got 4 options:
1. Stitch into the first dc
2. Stitch into the ch1
3. Stitch into the second dc
4. Stitch into the SPACE made by the ch1

If this was your project, where would you put your v-stitches? Thanks so much!!!

ACM [userpic]
by ACM (ladyceleste)
at December 19th, 2007 (08:15 pm)

Okay, this community has been really inactive but I'm hoping enough people still read it that they'll have some input here.

Any "crotcheters" here on Ravelry.com yet? Waiting for your shot? Haven't even heard of it?

I'm under my craft name, "letmebeyoursong", so feel free to friend me and check out the crazy amount of groups I'm in (though not as crazy as some). I've really taken the majority of my crocheting (and knitting) enthusiasm over there! Though I still use my craft LJ sometimes.

soul_cyster [userpic]
joanns coupons?
by soul_cyster (soul_cyster)
at December 16th, 2007 (09:20 am)

Hey guys!
was hoping you could help a canadian girl out!
Im heading down to the states in a few hours and im looking for any cupons i can print out from joanns!
Know of any?
Thanks a Bunch!
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L(aura) Cushing [userpic]
Easy blankets , and preemie hats?
by L(aura) Cushing (charisma)
at October 26th, 2007 (02:00 am)
current mood: determined

My best friends just (and I mean just, like yesterday) had their baby very prematurely. They have no supplies whatsoever yet, as they thought they'd still have months to prepare. Well, surprise. The little bugger couldn't wait- and he's so tiny - under two pounds!

I would really love to crochet them some baby things for the little person, but I'm not too accomplished with the crocheting.

Does anyone have any patterns for very-simple beginner level preemie hats and blankets? And any yarn suggestions!

evil spelt lovemuffin of doom [userpic]
by evil spelt lovemuffin of doom (saintlex)
at May 13th, 2007 (10:01 pm)

current location: White Plains, NY
current mood: silly
current song: whatever the heck my upstairs neighbors are playing

Just had to introduce myself. :) I knew it was my destiny to join this community when I saw its name--when I'm crocheting, I tend to tell people I'm being "crotchety." Heehee!

I've been crocheting for about 6 months. I am a yarn addict. I have a crochet blog: http://yarrrrrn.blogspot.com

So, nice to meet all of you, and happy crotch-eting!

Emily [userpic]
Thanks for the advice about Ebay
by Emily (only_em)
at March 1st, 2007 (08:48 pm)

I had almost twice the yarn I thought I did.   I took the time to untangle it all too.   I figured it was worth it.   Here is the link if you are still interested.   I know some people said they were.  

Buy yarn!   http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=013&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&viewitem=&item=230099168251&rd=1&rd=1

Emily [userpic]
by Emily (only_em)
at February 25th, 2007 (02:22 pm)

I'm probably moving across the country (Louisiana to Idaho or someplace) for work and I'm not going to take my huge stash of yarn with me.   I've gone through it and chosen what I want to keep.   I bought a lot of yarn from goodwill a ways back and I still have most of it.   I'd like to put it up on ebay as just a huge lot of partial and full skeins.   There are 30 to 50 skeins and partial skeins all together.   Some of them are tangled.   How much do you think I can ask for this.   I was considering starting the bid at about 15 plus shipping.   Does that sound fair to you?


ACM [userpic]
Let's wake up for lots of Crochet in '07!
by ACM (ladyceleste)
at January 21st, 2007 (02:37 pm)

Hey, everyone, a recent post in punk_knitters kinda woke me up on how inactive I've let this community become... I'd like us to continue the goal of having a fun, drama-free crochet community on LJ that welcomes all types of crochet and crafters.

So I'm going to start us off in '07 with two questions that hopefully everyone can weigh in on:

What is your favorite crochet pattern book?

What is your favorite internet crochet pattern?

There's a lot of new crafting books out there, especially in the last year, so I'd love for people to throw out their good reviews, and give us some links of patterns we may not have seen yet and we know others have enjoyed.

Continue to post and share your projects, yarn/hook reviews, sales and deals, crochet humor/stories, et cetera. Welcome to 2007, fellow hookers!

letmebeyoursong / ladyceleste

starbutcher [userpic]
new beastie with loads of wool!!
by starbutcher (starbutcher)
at January 1st, 2007 (03:49 pm)

hello! my name is danie and, obviously i am new to this community. i have been crochetting for about seven years now and it has been limited to blankets, scarves and hats for that time. recently though, i have learned about Japanese Amigurumi and have fallen in love. i bought some books off of the internet. obviously, if you have looked at the photo, i do not speak the language they are in. i can imagine if i study them well enough i could get the hang of it, but my concern is that i am still feeling a bit less-than-confidant in making things that do not go in continuous lines and make flat things. well, what i am asking for here is if any of you lovlies have any links or recipes for crochet patterns that i can make creatures from. i just want to have the general idea for making a head, body, arms... things in general.

it would be grately appreciated!

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Her Fingernails Shine Like Justice... [userpic]
Joann Crafts...
by Her Fingernails Shine Like Justice... (hecatemacbeth)
at November 22nd, 2006 (11:04 am)

They're having a sale this weekend - if anyone needs the coupons, I just got an email with coupons for 6am-10pm on Fri and Sat of this week.

50% off on clearance fabric, 10-20% off entire purchase, things like that. :)

brendizzle [userpic]
since nobody ever posts here...
by brendizzle (cowboypants)
at June 3rd, 2006 (01:21 am)

i thought i'd share this hat i made awhile ago for my boyfriend. he had a different gray hat i'd made out of the same yarn but it disappeared for a long time, so i made him this. its not my pattern, so dont give me credit. i got it from "yarncat" but i cant remember the web address. she designs such cool hats.
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brendizzle [userpic]
breakfast on a purse!?
by brendizzle (cowboypants)
at May 1st, 2006 (01:05 pm)

i made this for my friend. she likes breakfast.
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brendizzle [userpic]
i made a shrug
by brendizzle (cowboypants)
at April 27th, 2006 (10:42 pm)

i dunno if i like it or not. how do you guys feel about it?
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Lauren [userpic]
by Lauren (tinydancer7)
at April 13th, 2006 (10:25 am)

anybody ever go to this?


Wyndfire [userpic]
by Wyndfire (wyndfire)
at April 10th, 2006 (10:59 am)

I will be in the Los Angeles/Burbank area for a couple of days... Can anyone suggest a yarn shop (or two) to visit?

Thanks! :)

. [userpic]
Yarn shopping.
by . (kimothy)
at March 27th, 2006 (06:46 pm)

current mood: curious

Hey everyone!

It's looking like I'll have to go online to find some Homespun in Antique. Where have y'all online shopped for yarn and had good results with few/no problems?

Laura [userpic]
new person
by Laura (manhattan_angel)
at March 21st, 2006 (01:21 am)

hey everyone! I started crocheting a long time ago but I only got as far as crocheting a ball of yarn which in the end look like a really pretty rope, now im trying to improve on my skills (or lack of). I got a book today but I think its just to confusing or just doesnt help all that much. I made my first row with success but now im stuck and dont know how to go from there onto making the next row. I thought you would be doing the same thing but I'm not sure. Any suggestions (since its hard giving directions over the net....any good websites I could visit?)

Thanks a bunch!

L(aura) Cushing [userpic]
by L(aura) Cushing (charisma)
at March 18th, 2006 (07:52 pm)

current mood: hopeful

My son just asked me to crochet him "A cool wristband". He's into gothic type things... and I'm fairly new to the whole crochet thing, but I know all the basic stitches and can read a pattern. Do you know of any sites with instructions for how to make a wristband that a 13 year old boy would find "cool"?


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eos_girl [userpic]
quick easy
by eos_girl (eos_girl)
at March 3rd, 2006 (04:15 pm)

im looking for a quick easy baby sweater....
i checked bevs country cottage, found nothing i realy like there.
baby was born yesterday, 9.12oz so i need something for a BIG boy... i personaly like buttons, but not sure about the mom, its her first kid, and she is an older first time mom (late 40's)
thanks for the help!

citabriag [userpic]
For knitters/crocheters yarn shops across the US
by citabriag (citabriag)
at March 1st, 2006 (12:24 pm)
current mood: creative
current song: hum of the printer

Hey there, 

I was reading another knitting blog this morning (big shock) and found a great link I wanted to share. There is a website called MapMuse that has an interactive map of US yarn stores. I have already added three more shops to the Tucson area that were glaringly missing. The idea is to pass this along to other crafters and have them add stores that may be off the beaten path. Or better yet the owner of a store add more info about their shop on the map. The best way to help fellow yarn addicts from coast to coast. Be sure to bookmark this link for your next road trip, it may give some of us a head start on "Is there a yarn store near____, I am going there next week to visit family?"

- cross posted minimally

eos_girl [userpic]
by eos_girl (eos_girl)
at February 25th, 2006 (07:24 pm)

my buyer for the yarn im trying to get rid of backed out today.
yarn sale is the website.
the price is for everything in the picture.
i need this gone ASAP, got some unexpected medical bills of over 300$ and i need to pay that off, plus im trying to move...

eos_girl [userpic]
by eos_girl (eos_girl)
at February 24th, 2006 (02:13 pm)

im getting rid of my yarn and fiber to spin stash so here is a link to the first box of stuff.

Yarn Sale

eos_girl [userpic]
by eos_girl (eos_girl)
at February 21st, 2006 (09:19 am)

what are some good websites besides here to post yarn for sale/swap?
i need some of my house space back, and i have about two big garbage bags full of yarn that im never going to use.
Im borowing a camrea from my dad tonight, and hopefully i can take photos of them all.
quite a few are in original packing.

Homey G Jennsanitus [userpic]
by Homey G Jennsanitus (autumnfaerie)
at February 20th, 2006 (10:45 pm)

current mood: curious

Hi, I'm new, and please be gentle with all the cross-posting this post is going to do. I don't know any where else to look or even what to look for!

What I'm wondering is, does anyone know what type of hat that is the avatar is wearing? Or, where I can get a crochet pattern of it from? I've been looking and haven't had much luck. A friend said that it's just like the hat that Mary Tyler Moore wore in The Mary Tyler Moore Show, if that's any help at all. I'm a beginner crocheter, so, any simple patterns out there?

Thanks for any and all help!

Bonne à Rienne [userpic]
My first hat...
by Bonne à Rienne (bonne_a_rienne)
at February 3rd, 2006 (02:43 pm)
current mood: productive

I'm still pretty new at this, but I'm pretty proud of myself. My only complaint is that it seems pointier on top than it should.
for reference, i used this pattern and lion brand taupe suede.
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